Peer-to-peer accelerated network solution for high bandwidth video streams

Easy integration: HTML5, JSS; SDK for mobile apps

Your CDN, but Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

TVEAM is a transport layer technology for video content delivery from CDN to end user using a Peer‑to‑Peer network. TVEAM reduces the dependency on CDN, while radically reducing the cost of bandwidth and infrastructure. The technology makes network streaming easily scalable and reliable, even during peak demand.
Immediate Benefits
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    Over 70% savings in comparison to traditional CDN
    Due to a distributed P2P assisted networking algorithm, companies can scale almost instantly, while keeping the same bandwidth and server infrastructure.
  2. 02
    No need to change the stack
    TVEAM can contribute to any existing infrastructure utilizing the latest technologies. All modern browsers are supported with HTML5. DevKit for iOS and Android and firmware for STB are available. The system can be deployed in 30 minutes.*
    *Depending on the level of integration
  3. 03
    Increasing the server capacity up to 25X times
    TVEAM solution can drive up the quality of streaming, the number of active viewers exponentially, reduce the latency and distribute the content around the globe with the same resources you have today. Imagine streaming of the Olympics or viral clips, or online gaming in VR with millions of viewers.
  4. 04
    Low latency even for high demand live streaming
    Online games streaming, interactive TV shows, VR, 4K and 5K content require low latency and high quality while increasing the load on the infrastructure and bandwidth. Not anymore with TVEAM. The more users, the more stable quality and loss-free streaming.
  5. 05
    Less rebuffering and higher bitrates due to smart stream optimization

Let the viewers help you to distribute

Traffic, bandwidth and power resources for 4K streaming for 100K simultaneous viewers

The hybrid multi-tree mesh network topology allows the offloading of up to 97% of CDN bandwidth due to the high availability of content when viewers watch it simultaneously.
Distributed P2P mesh
Your savings on infrastructure
“Structured swarm” patented algorithm ensures the fast and efficient distribution of the media streams among the viewers

Secure, clear and safe

  • Spoof protection
    The algorithm protects the integrity of the stream and doesn’t allow substitution of the media by hackers
  • Cross-platform solution
    Technology can seamlessly work with almost any browser, OS, mobile app or STB. No plugin download required
  • Secure protocol
    TVEAM can work via HTTP or HTTPS
  • Detailed stats in real-time
as easy as pie
Devkit for iOS and Android
Firmware for STB
The only requirement for CDN is CORS
JS for HTML5

Ready? Steady? Go!

  • How we differ from other P2P solutions?
    The key feature of the solution is in using multi-tree and mesh network topologies simultaneously in a single Peer-to-Peer network. Unlike other hybrid CDN-P2P solutions that are based only on tree or mesh topologies, the hybrid topology allows you to achieve high content availability on all levels of the multi-tree; high scalability, reliability and therefore best performance values and excellent service quality. TVEAM reduces the dependency on CDN, while radically reducing the cost of bandwidth and infrastructure. The technology makes network streaming easily scalable and reliable, even during peak demand.
  • Does TVEAM work with 4K?
    TVEAM was designed and built especially for high bandwidth streams such as 4K, 5K, and VR and works perfectly with parallel data download from multiple sources.
  • Does it support HLS, MPEG DASH?
    Yes, TVEAM is a protocol-agnostic software and can work with any segmented data streams.
  • Do end-users need to install something?
    TVEAM P2P is implemented on the top of WebRTC technology, so it works directly in the browser and, consequently, there is no need for end-user to install any plugins. Also, there are implemented SDK’s for integration to Android and iOS applications as well as Linux client to be used on mobile devices, and Set-Top-Boxes.
  • Is TVEAM only for the live streaming?
    TVEAM P2P works both on Live and VoD streams. TVEAM clients implement persistent VoD storages for different platforms that make content available for other peers across a network for a long time.
  • What are the requirements to install TVEAM on my network?
    The only requirement for CDN is Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support, which is de facto standard for all modern HTML5 players. The TVEAM P2P client software easily integrates with HTML5 players, which support content loading through JavaScript in a browser. TVEAM P2P mobile SDK’s work as a transparent proxy of given customer streams, so they can be integrated without changing customer’s application logic. Also, the client software supports many streaming formats due to format agnostic nature of the implementation.
  • Can I control the distribution?
    This solution allows network administrators to easily build any kind of Peer-to-Peer network topology (mesh, multi-tree or the hybrid one with a different kind of peering parameters, like upload-download bandwidth rate, peer tree levels distribution, local VoD storage size, timeouts, etc. Although this feature is rarely used, the ability of Peer-to-Peer fine tuning guarantees that TVEAM P2P can fit any kind of customer audience to get the maximum performance and therefore costs savings.
  • Is a buffering time higher? Or any problems with reliability?
    Not at all. TVEAM utilize the intellectual source control and offer the same latency as CDN. The content delivery reliability is provided by smart content source selection based on peers prioritization, parallel content downloading and player buffer size-based CDN fallback algorithms.
  • Does TVEAM put the high load on the end user?
    TVEAM automatically adapts on the user resources and doesn’t put any significant load. Therefore, the P2P assistance is almost invisible to the viewer.
  • Does it support DRM?
    Yes, on the player-side.